#Ohlauer – Shadows. Refugee. Dealer. Afrophobia


– Shadows. Refugee. Dealer. Afrophobia

As one of the closest art galleries of the Ohlauer straße and Görli, SOMA would like to share the story of our refugee neighbours.
When I was passing the Ohaluer Str. a woman was shouting, complaning that she has to pay too much tax because of these refugees here. Is it true what she says? Facing the anti refugee camp movement not only in the East side district of Berlin, but also all over Germany and Europe, people who crossed the ocean are now forced to fight here once again, against the coldness of desinterested people.
In this exbition ‘Cold Shadows – Refugee, Dealer, Afrophobia’, SOMA especially invites our neighbours to inform themselves about the refugee neighbours instead of ignoring them in a ‘dont want to know’ mode.
By presenting the art works dealing with this specific theme, SOMA would like the suffering refugee neighbours, under the cold name refugee, dealer, afrophobia to share our humane level of warmness and heart!


Andrea Linss Photography  ‘R.I.P Sista Mimi’  ‘Warten…auf eine angekündigte Räumung….’
Ben Chislett Photography  ‘O-Platz”Race aginst Time’

‘The House of 28 Doors (Das Haus der 28 Türen)’  Bewegung Nurr  http://www.28doors.eu/  http://www.nurr.net/


Dan K. Sigurd ‘The City is Getting Colder’  Reading with music + video projection of Görli, Ohlauer http://thoughtswithoutconclusions.com/


Christoph Hoppenbrock ‘Berlin Police’ www.bildbauer.de

Marius Roth ‘No go Area’ | Diane Ketteringham  ‘Waiting’

curator : Nabi Nara

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