.Solo Performance
Kiss it Better (Interactive)

River Lin (Taipei, Taiwan) is an independent curator and artist working across the fields of performing and visual arts. River’s work includes site-specific performance, theatre, dance, and installations. River takes cultural studies as a point of departure and transforms the conventional and ritualistic in everyday life into performance work. River’s curatorial projects revolve around social and cultural issues, in particular the process of generational change, and have been presented by the National Theatre of Taiwan, Guling Street Avant-Guard Theatre and the Performing Art Alliance.
He is currently a board member of the Performing Arts Alliance and the curator in residence of MOVE Theatre Company.

.Duo Performance
Kein Grau

René Kluge (DE) Philosopher  | Yichen Huang (Taiwan) visual artist.

GO is a game of no chance and no hidden information. It works as a pure form of conflict. There is only black and white. Huang Yichen and her partner René Kluge will present durational performance. Who is going to be the winner? East vs West.

.Trio Performance
Desierto de Sillas

Cheng Ting Chen(Taiwan)  |

Karina Suárez‐Bosche (Mexico) |Felipe Sánchez Luna

Desierto de Sillas is the confrontation between the individual and its chaos, confrontation with its demons, its ancestors, its identities. To look into the eyes of the other as a mirror belonging into the desert of one’s chair. It is a live collaborative improvisation performance that creates a high aesthetic experience with body intensity. An art work in which movement, electronic sound, light intervention and public interact together.
The project has been presented in Hølen, Norway, Uferstudios, Berlin and Mexico.

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