The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle | Berlin Art Week

‘Das Gehirn der Natur vs. Urban Dschungel’ erkundet das Phänomen der natürlichen Landschaft und des Stadtraums. Was sind die Kräfte hinter der visuellen Erscheinung individueller Landschaften der Natur und des Stadtraums? Was genau ist Landschaft, und wie kann der Aspekt der Intentionalität gezielt als Kunstwerk entworfen werden? Die visualisierten kulturellen Landschaften der Natur und der Stadt unterstreichen die sozialen bzw. natürlichen Umstände, von denen sie geformt wurden, wie auch die Nutzung des Raums für die Notwendigkeiten der menschlichen Existenz. ‘Das Gehirn der Natur vs. Urban Dschungel’ präsentiert zeitsensible, zeitbasierte und ortsspezifische Kunstwerke in unterschiedlichen Medien. Die Ausstellung stellt die künstlerische Praxis von Schweizer Künstlern, die in stark durch die Natur geprägten Gegenden ausgewachsen sind, Berliner Künstern gegenüber, deren Schwerpunkt die Stadtlandschaft ist.

Anja Ibsch (Berlin) + Jörn J. Burmester (Berlin )

Alex & John Gaillla (Genf/CH – Berlin)

Den Han (Basel/CH)

Felix J. Hermann Stumpf (Berlin)

Katherine Oggier Chanda (Wallis /CH)

Kurator : Nabi Nara

The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle

The phenomenon of increased “social stress” of city dwellers, less control over interactions with strangers on a daily basis appears bigger than when living in a rural area. Nature may be an antidote, but does it really? Can nature-infused spaces help people feel better in the midst of the city hustle?
Since the trials to reinvent nature and denounce urbanism in the 18th century, there has been no shortage of movements, practices that advocated getting back to nature. Yet despite the advocacy, celebrating urbanism has more flourished and inspire humans toward their greatest endeavors in art and science. Currently, over half of the world’s population lives in cities, and that number is expected to grow to over 66 percent of humans everywhere by the year 2050. What Living in a City or in Nature Does to Your Brain?
‘The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle’ explores the phenomenon
landscape of Nature and City. What are the forces behind the visual appearance of individual landscapes of Nature vs. City. What exactly is landscape and how the aspect of intentionality purposefully designed as artworks? The visualized cultural landscapes of Nature and City will contrast which social or/and natural circumstances have shaped them and exploitation of territories for the necessities of human existence.
‘The Brain of Nature vs. Urban Jungle’ will present time-sensitive,
time-based, site-specific artworks with various mediums. The exhibition will contrast the artistic practices between the Swiss artists raised and/or born in strongly nature-infused circumstances thus have been working tightly with their landscapes, to the artists of Berlin with their main focus as its cityscape.









VIP tour by Niche, Public Tour by Berlin Art Week

Public Intervention | Anja Ibsch + Jörn J. Burmester 

Katherine Oggier Chanda |  Site-Specific Video Performance ‘Squeaky clean’ Swiss Alps, Wallis

Alex & John Gailla | Space- Specific Painting ‘Cutter Painting’

Den Han | ‘Horizontale III’ Landscape Intervention / Kreuzberg, Berlin

Felix J. Hermann Stumpf | ‘Das Projekt Weißensee’, Public Intervention, Landwehrkananl, Kreuzberg, Berlin

All Photos by Sophie Le Roux


Yellow Matters ‘The Life & Death Of Elle Peril’ | Lena Chen

“The Life & Death Of Elle Peril”
Lena Chen

“The Life & Death Of Elle Peril” presents a five-year experiment on persona. In the wake of revenge porn and cyber harassment, Lena Chen suffered from post-traumatic stress symptoms (depression, anxiety, paranoia, and hypervigilance) which impaired her ability to function socially and professionally. In 2013, she moved to Berlin and invented an alternate identity as nude model Elle Peril. Through ritualized acts of undressing and posing for (mostly male) strangers, Elle Peril functioned as a coping mechanism, survival tactic, and form of ad hoc therapy allowing the artist to reclaim agency over her body and personal narrative.

Lena Chen explores gender, identity, and trauma through text and performance. Since 2008, an anonymous Internet stalker has harassed Chen, her family, friends, and associates using tactics such as “Google-bombing” and doxxing. As one of the earliest documented cases of revenge porn and cyberstalking, her experience has been studied by academic researchers and covered in the press.

Chen received a degree in sociology from Harvard University in 2010. As an activist for reproductive freedom and women’s rights, she has been featured in mainstream media outlets and invited to speak at Oxford, Yale, Stanford, and SXSW. She is based in Berlin, where she curates participatory art projects and organizes events on creative activism. (NSFW)

“The Life & Death Of Elle Peril” is part of the long-term curatorial project ‘Yellow Matters’ by SOMA Art Gallery Berlin and is supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin (Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin).

Curator : Nabi Nara


All Photos by Sophie le roux